See What Canadian Immigration Sponsorships Involve

Many people are immigrating to Canada today because of the numerous green opportunities available in this country. If you look at those who have immigrated to this great land, you would discover that Canadian immigration sponsorships have been behind it. You would just require a competent sponsorship lawyer to guide you through the visa acquisition process. Some people prefer seeking citizenship of another country with their relatives or the spouses only, but whichever you choose, you shouldn’t undermine what an experienced immigration lawyer would do.

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, it is good to know much about the sponsorship process and those who are usually sponsored. It doesn’t mean that you can go to Canada with all your relatives since the number of those who can be sponsored is limited and well outlined. If the conjugal partner you want to travel with to Canada hasn’t hit 16 years, you may be denied sponsorship. However, you are allowed to immigrate with your grandparents and parents if you so wish.

You would be happy to have your parents or grandparents sponsored, but the sponsor would have to prove their ability to sustain them through their income statement. According to some sponsorship rules, you can’t claim the child is independent if they haven’t hit 22 years. The application process for sponsorship isn’t always easy and smooth especially without the help of a reliable sponsorship lawyer. Some of the relatives who have been through this process before would help you identify a good lawyer to make your sponsorship easy.

Those looking for sponsorships to Canada need to know some of the outlined requirements to ensure the process won’t fail. One of the requirements is that the sponsor should be a Canada resident. It’s hard to sponsor your spouse, conjugal partner, or family member if you don’t reside in Canada. In some cases, you as the sponsor would produce a proof that you would live those you are sponsoring. If it’s proved that you receive some social assistance, your eligibility for sponsorship is canceled.

One thing you must do when sponsoring someone on Canada is confirming you can give them the basic needs they need. People who wish to apply for sponsorship ought to that the process isn’t smooth since the assessment is very strict. The application for permanent residency may be denied if the sponsored person has some medical issues or criminal history. The sponsored person is required to get a valid passport to live in this country.

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